gel-e is developing a robust and diverse product line... each of our products is engineered to provide improved bleeding management that is not dependent on a patient’s innate ability to develop strong integral clots.*


Our novel approach to stem post-operative bleeding in routine procedures is just the first in a growing product line of tools that can aide surgeons, nurses, caretakers and parents to improve the lives under their care... even if that is only a non-adhesive bandage.

Vascular gel-e® is cleared by the FDA for use in vascular access procedures.** This cost-effective, high-performance closure device is initially available as a bandage, with a more “flowable” solution on the way for patients with more delicate skin.

gel-e® Flex : Many patients experience an increased bleeding nuisance from even routine cuts and scrapes, especially those routinely using blood-thinners. We’ve developed a line of products for this underserved market that includes high-performance bandages and flowable gels.***

gel-e® Bandage : The growing worldwide diabetic epidemic has many unfortunate side effects, one of which is the rapidly growing incidence of chronic leg wounds. Our transparent films, flexible bandages, and easily applied gels are designed to provide more personalized treatment to a variety of patients with all shapes, sizes and types of wound geometry.^

Surgical gel-e® (gels, foams, sponges): By the year 2020, over 310M surgeries^^ are estimated to occur annually worldwide. Of these, the vast majority will involve patients over the age of 65. Our surgical program is developing gel, foam and sponge products that can be used from neurosurgery to knee replacements.

*These products are not yet commercially available.
^^Global Surgical Procedure Volumes (SPV) Database
National Health Statistics Report, Number 11,January 28, 2009–Revised September 4, 2009 Ambulatory Surgery in the United States, 2006 by Karen A. Cullen, Ph.D.,M.P.H.; Margaret J. Hall, Ph.D.; and Aleksandr Golosinskiy, Division of Health Care Statistics



Results from a severe arterial hemorrhage model in swine; initial bleeds lethal within 15 min. GP DeCastro, et al Journal of Trauma 72(4) 899-907 (2012).

gel-e is effective against lethal bleeds.